Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kinsler Trade: Naughty, Not Nice

Another fine mess Al Avila has gotten the Tigers into. 

Santa needs to put coal in Al Avilas' stocking.

On Thursday night the Tigers traded Ian Kinsler to the Angels for two minor league player.

Is Avila that stupid, yep.

 The team needs to be improved, but letting go of good players is not a good move. It's like trading a smart phone for 2 tins cans with string on it.

 When you keep trading solid players what do you get, a bad team. 

 The Tigers were built to win and we can't do that with bonehead trades like these. 

 Fans watch, attend games, root for their favorite players. 

Fans are fickle. Disappoint us once and good luck ever getting fans back.

And what about the other bad  decisions that were done. Yes, the Tigers were screwed over when they traded David Price to Toronto, Yonies Cepedes to the Mets 2 years ago. But did they learn their lesson, nope.

They traded Jd. Martinez to the Diamondbacks, Justin Verlander and Justin Upton to the Astros for prospects this year.

Avila had 2 years to turn the team around. What he's doing is not working. Even firing the manager Brad Asumus near the end of the season doesn't help the team. 

It's not Ausumus' fault the Tigers are playing bad, you keep getting rid of good players.

With decisions like these no wonder the Tigers stunk. Who's gonna be left from the team Al, Paws?

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe the Tigers will come out alright. After all we still got Miggy, V Mart. I hope that these decisions works out or the Tigers are going to lose fans including me.

No excuses. Do whatever it takes to get back to winning. 

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