Thursday, March 10, 2022

MLB Lockout Hurts Everybody

 Spring means different things to many people.

Some look forward to longer days, warmer weather.

Some look forward to flowers blooming and birds singing.

Some see it as a chance for renewal, a new wardrobe and to start their spring cleaning.

And some look forward to watching their favorite baseball team back in action.

With the way the baseball lockout is going, we might not be able to see opening day of baseball until the middle of spring.

The lockout’s approaching it’s 100th day which began on December 2nd, 2021. 

The lockout started over the owners disagreement with the collective bargaining agreement with the players union.

The players union has been in meetings with the team owners as of this week to save the entire 162 game season. 

Despite making some progress, talks have broken down. 

The players and team owners agreed to a higher starting salary for players but disagreed on an international draft. 

The owners want the international draft, but the players union doesn’t. 

In response to missing the deadline to keep opening week games, the league postponed the first two weeks of games including opening day on March 31st. 2022.

The team owners action doesn’t just hurt the players, it hurts many including fans.

From stadium staff, players, team staff, vendors who sell  team merchandise, media outlets who broadcast games or writers who cover baseball, bars and restaurants around stadiums, many depend on game day to make ends meet.

Even team owners are affected by the lockout.

I know it’s only a couple of games missed. 

But if there’s no games, there’s no revenue coming in. 

Without revenue, families will be hurt financially.

And don’t forget the fans who go to games, watch it on tv, watch online or tune in to games on the radio. 

Fans watch games, go to games, buy team merchandise, frequent bars and restaurants around stadiums.

Watching the game on opening day is a ritual for many. 

It brings hope for the new season. 

It’s a bonding experience for many and a rite of spring.

Hopefully they can get a deal done and we can all enjoy baseball again soon.


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