Friday, November 10, 2023

Jim Harbaugh Fumbles On Sideline Gate

Jim Harbaugh has fumbled as head coach of the Wolverines.

This time the coach is under fire after an alleged cheating scandal.

Harbaugh was suspended for the rest of the regular season after he allegedly violated the leagues sportsmanship policy.

Harbaugh has already served a suspension earlier in the season because of a recruiting violation that occurred during the pandemic.

The football program was alleged to have conducted an in-person scouting operation.

To simply put, the Wolverines are accused of stealing sidelines signals from opposing teams.

If there was cheating, why was it allowed and how many teams have practiced it and not caught?    

If there was cheating, what kind of penalties besides the suspension should he or the Wolverines get?

 If there was cheating, why didn't the NCAA do more to prevent it?

And why wasn't there protocols put in place so there's no possible way of cheating.

Even if the alleged cheating never took place, there will still be some doubts about the Wolverines.

Once trust is lost, good luck in ever getting it back. 

Even if the Wolverines & Harbaugh are punished, the damage is still there.

If the NCAA & the Big Ten wants to recover from this, they need to do a better job of cleaning up their act. 

They need to have stiffer penalties in place for those who cheat. 

They need to keep a better eye on the sidelines.  

They should also have better safeguards in place so that it never happens again. 

Then maybe many can enjoy watching the Wolverines  & college football once more. 

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